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Windows NT 4.0 06.22.2009
Windows 2000 03.13.2009
Windows 2000 x64 10.05.2009
Windows XP 11.23.2010
Windows XP x64 11.23.2010
Windows Server 2003 01.06.2010
Windows Server 2003 x64 06.04.2010
Windows Vista 11.23.2010
Windows Vista x64 09.02.2010
Windows 7 11.23.2010
Windows 7 x64 11.23.2010

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Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter driver is the solution for your problems. This driver will install your device successfully on the required operating systems. It is an useful driver because without it the device will remain unrecognized and nonfunctional.
This driver is compatible with various operating systems: Windows 7 x64, Windows 7,Windows XP, Windows XP x64.

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Guest #27060321(beginner) 3 years ago 
I updated and my PC but it doesn't even boot now. I went from 1.0 to 8.0 with no functionality. What can I do? 6 years ago 
I was able to install the newest 9.0 version of these drivers. I had to do it in rather an unconventional way in that one of my challenges is to never pay for a driver program. I did have to use a program that allows the "free" members to download one file in a given time frame. so, its not a link that I would feel everyone should use. I would rather share my driver! Is that an option? lol.

After I installed this silly 4uploadshare program I simply uninstalled it. Let me know if anyone needs this file as from what I saw it's a hard find and it also can mess up your connection really easily if you are not careful. I saw a lot of forums on Atheros drivers while looking and it has caused a lot of problems. Like I said it is one that I struggle with all the time. I went to HP site where I SHOULD be able to get all updates and they simply are not handing it out. The original system drivers are supposed to be just fine and maybe there is not big thing to just leave them there but I like to have my software all nice and updated. I get a kick out of this anyway.
Arrgh(expert) 6 years ago 
Yeah, Sony have stopped caring to put up Atheros updates for VAIOs too. Nor did they even care to do that after I'd called them to say that there's a bug in the drivers they currently list, and that the said bug results in *audio stuttering every other bloody minute* when Wi-Fi is enabled.

Luckily, was already up and running at that point. Thank goodness.

I myself would welcome having Informer's links point to, but I guess linking to third-party web sites is against the company's policy or something. 6 years ago 
Hi "arrgh"...Noone ever talks to Samsung isn't the owner of atheros but it's listed. I don't know why we can't do just what we are supposed to each other. I have rarely found the right upgraded driver on the actual manufacturing site..rarely. I only have a little hp mini, less than a year old and already can't keep up with all the updates in drivers! I will continue to post to see if i can help even one person! I know I get obsessed with this stuff! Last night I was on Realtec site for literally hours and finally after fixing one driver using a US download link, I ended up back to the Tawain site. informer is still telling me that I am needing the Realtec drivers! I fixed both the card reader driver and the pcie controller driver and its not right I guess...grrh you picked a great name. Peace
Arrgh(expert) 6 years ago 
Aye, HP web site is a proper mess.
And their FTP server is a it's-your-fault-you're-here-sort-it-out-yourself kind of place.
It's probably a common thing about Notebook manufacturers, but HP definitely seem to have taken the 'Here's an update or two, then go buy a new laptop if you want newer drivers' approach to a whole new level.

Incidentally, there actually was a silver lining in my case - maybe it'll help you. Whilst begrudgingly browsing VAIO's FTP servers, I stumbled upon a neat public folder where they hoard up newest drivers for driver packs intended for all newer laptops:
Just fire up a decent FTP browser to arrange the contents by date and browse for the newest Atheros driver... or anything else, for that matter. A driver maniac's heaven. )

Mind you, check the .inf files of the downloaded drivers before installing, though. Those should be listing your device as a supported one.

Maybe there's still hope this 'Arrgh' thing won't grow on me. 6 years ago 
My deepest apology. This site does list the very newest driver, the one that is not on Informer, it downloads part of the files of a zip, so it may work, it may not. If someone reads this first... and i hope so, then I would not post it even though it is on the right road. I will wait from now on until it is fully installed. Atheros is a thorn in my side. Again I am sorry.
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